Jimmy Brown - 6th May 2014

In the second release in a music video series commissioned for international online retailer SSENSE by System Magazine, David Wilson delivers this fluid monochrome piece for Hercules & Love Affair's I Try To Talk To You, featuring John Grant on vocals.

Powered by some wonderful choreography by Ryan Heffington and brilliantly fluid camerawork, David Wilson's very sensual promo centres on two men finding intimacy through interpretive dance...

Watch 'Hercules & Love Affair ft John Grant 'I Try To Talk To You' by David Wilson' here


DirectorDavid Wilson
Production CompanyColonel Blimp
Head of Music VideoNathan James Tettey
Executive ProducerPaul Weston
ProducerPosy Dixon
Local Production CompanyThe Director's Bureau
US ProducerAllan Wachs
Director of PhotographyLarkin Seiple
SteadicamAri Robbins
ChoreographerRyan Heffington
Art DirectorEthan Feldbau
EditorPatrick Colman
Editing companyFinal Cut

Jimmy Brown - 6th May 2014

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