Jimmy Brown - 18th Mar 2014

Love Vis-Art create a suspenseful piece of cinema in this dark, beautifully-shot promo matching the heavy atmospherics in Bastille's remix of Hard As Hello by Kimberly Anne. 

A young woman - played by actress Olivia Jewson - embarks on a late-night drive to dispose of a woman's body, resulting in an unusual twist...


"Intertextuality and blurring narratives was the nature of the beast for Bastille's Remix of Kimberly Anne's Hard as Hello. Borrowing from both artist's narratives, aesthetic and mood, the song begged for a stylish and thrilling piece of cinema which explored Kim's lyrics from a different point of view.

"I crafted a story that could take Kim's words and sentiment, and just like Bastille, create a new narrative and viewpoint for the piece, resulting in a dark love letter from a jealous lover".

PRO Credits


DirectorLove Vis-Art
Production CompanyKode Media
ProducerJamie Whymark
Executive ProducerElliott Williams
Director of PhotographyJamie Micheal Korn
Director's RepresentationNathan Killham
Focus PullerOzi Oshiro
GripMatthew Clyne
Production AssistantHunter Daly
Lead actorOlivia Jewson
CommissionerEmily Tedrake

Jimmy Brown - 18th Mar 2014

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