Jimmy Brown - 17th Mar 2014

For Imelda May's chirpy and upbeat It's Good To Be Alive, Prano Bailey-Bond delivers her own unique twist on the 1935 movie Bride Of Frankenstein.

Prano's reading of the classic tale depicts the monster as somewhat more human and a bit more camp, and it's all good clean fun...


"In the original 1935 film, Frankenstein hopes his loneliness will be cured by the creation of his new Bride, only when the couple meet for the first time Frankenstein's Bride shrieks in terror at his monstrous form. Frankenstein is utterly crushed and heartbroken, and in his sadness he purposefully destroys the castle, tragically killing himself, his Bride and the evil scientist who helped create them.

"Personally I think Frankenstein was a little hasty, and maybe if he'd given his Bride a bit more time to come round things might have turned out differently for the couple. In 'It's Good To Be Alive' we explore the domestic bliss, the ups and downs of the relationship that might have ensued had they fallen in love... 

"Imelda and I share a great fondness for Frankenstein, as well as all things kitsch, so it was a real treat being able to write and design this video.

"For the overall look and feel I drew inspiration from the films of Douglas Sirk, one of my favourite directors from the 1950's and a big influence on my approach to filmmaking. I wanted to emanate the rich dreaminess of early melodramas like All That Heaven Allows, and give Frankenstein and his Bride the opportunity to enjoy a more glamorous and romantic end to their tale."


DirectorPrano Bailey-Bond
Production CompanyGas&Electric
ProducerMatt Klemera
Director of PhotographyAnnika Summerson
Art DirectorDamien Creagh
Make-upNatalie O'Connor
StylistMina Attala
EditorFlaura Atkinson
Editing companyFamily Editing
ColouristEdwin Metternich
Grading companyFramestore
Director's RepresentationLock It In
CommissionerCynthia Lole

Jimmy Brown - 17th Mar 2014

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