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Rudimental ft. Becky Hill 'Powerless' by David Edwards

David Knight - 30th Jan 2014

David Edwards has delivered a powerful promo for Rudimental's Powerless (with Becky Hill on vocals) - it's a portrait of New York-born, London-raised identical twins Deano & Scotty Burrell, who are now US-based professional boxers.

Part doc, part drama - as the Burrell brothers end up facing each other in the ring, with their poor mother in the crowd – it's compelling as only boxing films can be, and gorgeously photographed by Matthias Koenigswieser. Absolute knockout.

David Edwards: 

"Anyone who's made music videos knows the amount of blood sweat and tears required - add into the mix the Christmas break, full blown man-flu and a Polar Vortex and you’re somewhere in the right ball park! Saying that, I loved every minute of it!

"This was an idea that I've had in the drawer for a while now. A boxing promoter mate of mine first introduced me to the twins over a year ago. I was instantly intrigued by their story and relationship - it helps that they look bloody cool as well. Over time I built a relationship with them, waiting for the right opportunity to tell their story.

"When this track came in from Rudimental it seemed like the perfect fit for the story of the brothers and the sentiment and emotion of the track. Their relationship and lives in boxing are unique - I hope that is something that you feel when you watch the video - first and foremost this is a portrait of the brothers and their relationship.

"Working with the twins was a real pleasure. We were allowed privileged access to the world-renowned Gleason's Gym where we met legend Hector Rocca who trains the twins. Even though they are professional boxers steeped into a world that requires total focus and dedication they were completely committed to making the video as good as it could be.

"It's always tricky when working with non-actors as you never quite know what they're going to give you - on this occasion they both totally delivered."

David Knight - 30th Jan 2014


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David Edwards
Chris Harrison
Production Company
Rattling Stick


Director of Photography
Matthias Koenigswieser


Max Windows


Director's Representation
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Dan Curwin
Atlantic Records

David Knight - 30th Jan 2014

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