Jimmy Brown - 30th Jan 2014

Lowestoft as Vegas... new JJ Stereo signing Charlotte Rutherford's vid for Falling In Love by Crystal Bats is a tongue-in-cheek kitsch fest complete with neon flamingos, dancing girls, fireworks, cocktails and topped-off by an uber dead-pan Crystal Bats performance...


"The band said they want flamingos & I wanted to make a super smooth and sickly sweet video for this song, like Miami Vice meets Scarface meets Top Of The Pops' Pans People.

"We don't live in America but we do live very near tacky paradise seasides Yarmouth & Lowestoft (home of The Darkness and Tim Westwood lol), where we shot almost all of the video. Ermmm I hope the video came out both silly and sincere and doesn't look like it is trying too hard!" 


DirectorCharlotte Rutherford
Production CompanyJJ Stereo
Production CompanyUntitled
ProducerCharlotte Rutherford
Camera operatorJack Spelman
StylistSoki Mak
Make-upTabby Casto
HairHaydn Woodrow
DancerSophie Kowalyk
DancerLovette Allabison
DancerVictoria Billman
DancerRebecca Honeybone
DancerLizzie Spaul
DancerCharlotte Rutherford
Director's RepresentationNatalie Arnett

Jimmy Brown - 30th Jan 2014

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