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Superfood 'Melting' by Zac Ella

David Knight - 9th Dec 2013

Zac is back. Zac Ella's video for Superfood's Melting is an experimental split-screen performance video, using different film and video formats, shot in a delightfully scruffy loft space, almost certainly situated in London with a post code beginning with E. 

Zac Ella:

"It's a fun experimental idea that simply compares four different video recording devices and formats. More specifically 16mm film, Video8, MiniDV and DSLR (CF CARD).

"We aimed to do a one shot - filming and playing everything back in real time with SUPERFOOD playing live. But - we hit a problem with the Bell and Howell (16mm Camera) - it could only record for around forty seconds.

"We mapped out a floorplan for our team of camera-ops to follow and keep in-sync with movements. We also made sure we could be seen on-screen. I'd say to give it a human feel... but it was mainly to show off our flash boiler suits.

"An apt RGBA colour-dress code - with white being the Alpha."

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David Knight - 9th Dec 2013


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Zac Ella
Craig Dixon
Alex Chamberlain
Production Company
Executive Producer
Amber Millington


Director of Photography
Camera operator
Robert Simpkins
Camera operator
Marcia Sousa


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David Knight - 9th Dec 2013

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