David Knight - 12th Nov 2013

Some videos are controversial, some are outrageous. Some are very pleased with their own naughtiness. And then there's the video for Jackson and his Computer Band's G.I. Jane. It's very cocky indeed.

Mrzyk & Moriceau, illustrator-animators extraordinaire, have created a symphony of explicit phallic symbolism - a full-on Freudian dreamscape of penis-snakes, penis-cigars, penis-sharks, and much more that are bitten, stabbed, sliced and stamped-on by a super-sexy female silhouette - all in M&M's slick fine-lined, beautifully rendered, Manga-comic style. And that's only the half of it, in the video described by Jackson as "castration dynamite and phallic entertainment for everyone."

Well, perhaps not everyone. But certainly it's jawdropping, remarkable, and taboo-busting. As one YouTube wit has pointed out, 'it's ridickulous'... 

Mrzyk & Moriceau: "There was no brief from Jackson. We showed him a story board and he said 'let's go'. He let us totally free.

"We love the song, ideas came very fast. We create this girl with no face fighting against penises appearing from everywhere. A nightmare, something sex-gore-bizarre – could be a nightmare for men and a dream for women. 

"The piece is influenced by manga of course, for the fighting scenes, but we're not specialist. When I was a child I was a big fan of Cobra, Albator, Japanese cartoons!"

PRO Credits


DirectorMrzyk & Moriceau
Production CompanyDivision
Animation ProducerMathematic
AnimatorRuben Sellem
AnimatorNicolas Toujan
AnimatorBenjamin Faure
AnimatorSebastien Ebellard
AnimatorEmeric Samier

David Knight - 12th Nov 2013

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