Jimmy Brown - 4th Oct 2013

In the latest of his videos shot in Bolivia - including the hugely popular promo for Naughty Boy and Sam Smith's La La La – Ian Pons Jewell brings to life a local urban legend in this absorbing, cinematic promo for Seekae's electronic ballad Another. 

Featuring a cast of locals, Ian gets to grips with a particularly grim and compelling ritual. It's a long way from La La La....

Ian Pons Jewell: "The video is based on an urban legend I heard when I first arrived to Bolivia. It's said that in the big constructions, the builders bury a man alive in the foundation of the building to give it strength. A sacrifice essentially.

"The story rattled around my head until the track for Seekae came through, in which the visual slipped perfectly into..."

PRO Credits


DirectorIan Pons Jewell
Production CompanyColor Monster
Production CompanyStudio Murmur
ProducerCamila Molina
ProducerAlvaro Manzano
Director's Rep (UK)Wanda Productions
Director of PhotographyDoug Walshe
Art DirectorJavier Cuellar
Art Department AssistantZenón
Make-upKantay Melgarejo
WardrobeKantay Melgarejo
1st ADAlvaro Manzano
Location ManagerFernando Ballivian
EditorGaia Borretti
ColouristLuke Morrison
Grading companyThe Mill
Post ProducerCath Short
Post production companyThe Mill
Special ThanksAlan Galvez
Special ThanksAriane Jauregui Muñoz
Lead actorWinner Zeballos
Lead actorMariela Salaverry

Jimmy Brown - 4th Oct 2013

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