David Knight - 30th Aug 2013

Don't worry about the bleak scenario in the first seconds of Markus Lundquist's video for US rock band Senses Fail's Between The Mountains And The Sea - things are soon going to liven up a lot...

Drawing from the chorus "you've got nothing to lose - don't wait 'til angels sing", the story depicts the adventures of an elderly couple going on one last hurrah. And what a night it is.  

Lundqvist – one of Sweden's top visual effects artists, now making his mark as a director – juxtaposes a bleak portrait of getting old with the glitzy excitement of youth and partying, while weaving in darker undertones amidst the revelling. Using his VFX background, each frame has been crafted to aid the story and build a mise-en-scene that embodies the part car crash/part pure ecstasy party scenes. And its all wonderfully no-holds-barred...

Markus Lundquist: ""A key goal was to achieve the performance to show a bond between the hero couple and also establish a group dynamic in the party scenes which was believable.

"It was key to the success of the promo that the old people come across as cool - not clowns or caricatures. You should want them at your next party. Once that is established we follow them reliving their youth like a spring break party."

PRO Credits


DirectorMarkus Lundqvist
ProducerTeza Holmberg
EditorNathan Perry-Greene
Editing companyCut+Run
Director of PhotographyAri Willey
Production CompanyMiss Harry Productions
VFX CompanyThe Mill
Director's RepresentationMiss Harry Productions
ColouristBen Rogers
VFXTomas Wall
LabelWork Horse Music
Grading companyGPS London
Other creditsSound : GPS London Cast: Marianne Timoleon, Thorsten Boström

David Knight - 30th Aug 2013

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