Jimmy Brown - 30th Aug 2013

Franck Trebillac casts a group of pensioners to star in his promo for The Unholy Hand by LA punk rockers The Bronx.

These elderly gents mean business as they stage a drag race around their neighbourhood - on mobility scooters...


"The original idea was to re-enact the drag race scene from Grease with a couple of angry geriatrics racing for glory on pimped-up mobility scooters.

"We shot this in December, way before Dizzee and Robbie Williams tried to make mobility scooters cool, but the project was delayed for diverse reasons. As far as I know these two angry grandpas would kick their ass in a drag race".

PRO Credits


DirectorFranck Trebillac
Production CompanySoup Factory
ProducerAndy Soup
ProducerJade Bogue
EditorFranck Trebillac
Director of PhotographyThomas English
Director's RepresentationY-i London
1st ADKole Onis
Art DirectorCiaran Beale
GafferMark Hollowinianishnu
GripAndy Pinkney
Focus PullerBen Oliver
Clapper LoaderEd Tucker

Jimmy Brown - 30th Aug 2013

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