Promonews - 11th Apr 2013

Tim & Joe travelled to Berlin and the fascinating abandoned themepark Spreepark in the old Eastern sector of the city, for German indie outfit Sizarr’s Run Dry, to create this video that sets up an atmosphere and framework of a post-apocalyptic tale involving a strange community of wildly dressed youths.

“Spreepark was amazing,” say Tim & Joe. “It’s got an insane history all tied up with the GDR and drug smuggling. There’s definitely a documentary in that place, if the scary security guards let you in to tell it that is. The shoot was awesome fun, if pretty damn cold – although you wouldn’t know it by the kids. Their excitement seemed to make them impervious to the blizzard we had them working in.

“Huge thanks to Jannis our PM and also Matt Lambert for all their help getting the shoot off the ground. They provided us with a lovely and very talented crew who really nailed every aspect of the shoot. They also provided us with some very enjoyable post shoot venison and schnapz party. Rock and roll!”

PRO Credits


DirectorTim & Joe
Production CompanyMutter & Vater
ProducerJonny Kight
Line ProducerJannis Birsner
Executive ProducerNico Chavez
Director of PhotographyMathias Schöningh
Camera operatorEsther Dittman
SteadicamJohannes Holweg
1st ADAlex Blume
Art DirectorBenjamin Spalding
Assistant Art DirectorElisabeth Pieplow
StylistPola Kardum
Hair & Make-upJana Kalgajeva
Production AssistantChristina Walther
RunnerCarsten Weber
RunnerMathias Bauer
DITJesse Darling
EditorLeila Sarraf
ColouristEdwin Metternich
Lead actorBendix Wiebe
Lead actorGreta Niemann
Lead actorJulia Zohlen
Lead actorLeon Franken
Lead actorMaurice Milcke
Lead actorAmelie Böhm
CommissionerPeter Putz

Promonews - 11th Apr 2013

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