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Rudimental ft John Newman & Alex Clare 'Not Giving In' by Josh Cole

Jimmy Brown - 18th Oct 2012

"This was a toughy but it all paid off in the end and we're all super happy with the video," says Otis Bell, OB's MD and executive producer on the video. "There was a bit of convincing the label at first, but once we had Tim Francis on board to produce we knew we had a good team. Josh totally nailed it. We couldn't find a production company to facilitate it since it was such short notice, shooting in Manila and quite a high risk financially, so we ended up running the production through OB. Our first production AND our first insurance claim....eek!

"It was a grueling shoot and re-shoot for Josh, but he put his heart and soul into it, never compromising on the integrity of the story and involving real characters from that world."

Josh also explains that the video was based on Mouse's own life story. "Mouse's mother left to find a better life in the UK when he was seven years old and aged eight he was kicked out of home by his father," he reveals. "He was going down the road of many of the street kids there - joining gangs and being involved in drugs. Some of the guys in the gang would dance and compete with other dance crews.

"When he was 16 his Mum returned to Manila to find Mouse and bring him back to the UK where he stayed in Birmingham. He quickly became involved in the UK B-Boy scene and by the age of 18 he was winning competitions and aged 26 he became world champion which he then won again twice once in Singapore and once in San Paulo.

"The video is based on the story of Mouse and shows the two sides of his story, by portraying an older brother who follows a less fortunate path that could have been the fate of Mouse had he not found dance. He has a brother and while he's not dead, he is lost to the world of drugs and addiction and Mouse hopes that through telling his story he can inspire others to follow the right path.
"Mouse came to Manila and helped us make the video and is also the guy teaching the actor playing him in the video. The young Mouse is played in the video by 11 year old dance phenomenon B-Boy Allen. Allen's older brother Arthur was a gangster who was trained by Mouse to dance from the age 16. He reformed and became a teacher and inspiration to a new generation of dancers in Manila. His crew "Breakism" featured in the video are all Christian B-Boy crew preaching the reform of a gangster generation in Manila."


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Jimmy Brown - 18th Oct 2012


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Josh Cole
Tim Francis
Production Company
Executive Producer
Otis Bell


Director of Photography
Luke Jacobs (DoP)


Arthur Añas


David Stevens
Editing company
The Assembly Rooms


Matt Turner
Colour grade company
Absolute Post


Post Producer
Absolute Post
Post Producer
Dan Bennett


Dan Curwin

Other credits

Special thanks

Leonard Español and Vangie from Barangay 165, Christina Paragsa Saransaman, Arri Media, Brownian Motion

Jimmy Brown - 18th Oct 2012

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