David Knight - 6th Sept 2012

Having featured a lot of amazing music videos in BUG down the years, Adam Buxton finally delivers his own Amazing Music Video...

And it's all in there: datamoshing, backwards lipsync, the council estate scene, general 'cool' random shit... bland Vimeo-like comments - and a beautiful ladywoman who unfortunately refuses to take her top off. CANADA never have this sort of trouble, do they

Adam's affectionate tribute to the modern low budget indie video we know and love provided a fitting climax to the last show of the first series of Adam Buxton's BUG on Sky Atlantic last week. So now all seven videos made specially for the show are now online.


DirectorAdam Buxton
ProducerPhil Tidy
ProducerSeamus Murphy-Mitchell
Production CompanyBurning Bright Productions
RepresentationColonel Blimp

David Knight - 6th Sept 2012

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