David Knight - 10th July 2012

Corin Hardy creates an intense drama for Devlin's Watchtower - first single from the upcoming album A Moving Picture, and an interpretation of the Bob Dylan song famously covered by Jimi Hendrix - which sees the UK rapper and the track's co-performer Ed Sheeran in a whole heap of trouble. The cops are closing in, Devlin's girlfriend (played by Jaime Winstone) is keeping them at bay - but in the getaway car, Ed has a very nasty secret...

"The urgency and desperation in the track, presented a Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid-like image in my mind - two guys, no getting out of what they've gotten involved in, but against all odds they're going to try," Corin explains.

"I wanted the video to feel really cinematic and took cues from the song to develop a multi-stranded crime narrative revolving around 'family' that would through a series of reveals, give a suggestion of what may have come before. I knew I wanted to put together a great solid cast around Devlin and Ed and after seeing him in Kill List, immediately wanted Neil Maskell to play the detective on their tail. Luckily Neil was very generous with us and it led to us getting Jaime, Tilly and George who were all truly marvelous to work with, not to mention the little star that is Paige Lee Ditch, in her film debut."

There's also an extended version, which will potentially feature as an extra with the album. And of course millions of girls will need to know whether the lovely Ed lives or dies...


DirectorCorin Hardy
Production ManagerMedb Riordan
Director of PhotographyUla Pontikos
1st ADJames Dyer
Art DirectorLaura Johnstone
EditorVid Price
SoundJack Sedgwick @ Wave
ColouristGeorge K

David Knight - 10th July 2012

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