David Knight - 24th Jan 2012

Django Django's appealing acoustic/electronic Default gets a delightfully embellished performance video directed by Daniel Brereton, with a big input from the band themselves, particularly David Mclean, who originated the concept, and painted over the frames.

"I received a test video done by David, which was a short animation of photocopies of Vinny playing guitar with painting over the top of him," Daniel explains. "You could see things like the tape holding the image on the wall, and the image moving around within the camera frame. I thought we had to keep these elements in the final piece - even though they were scruffy and haphazard, they made it more interesting. I just wanted to add some scenes and set-ups that were a bit more intricate and hard for my brain to work out.

"The shoot was straightforward, as the film is black and white and looks a bit like photocopies, I wanted to get a lot of light and dark areas, I almost wanted to create mistakes with the lighting, like the 'mistakes' in the test animation.

"Then we edited the footage with the help of Alastair Reid, who did a great job of putting our ideas together, adding his own ideas, and then organising the edit so that we were able to print it out onto A4 paper. We ended up with 8 frames a second, which when printed out came to something like 4300 copies!

"It was primarily me and Dave who were to do the animation, and Dave solely did all of the painting, then lots of people helped out including Jim and Tommy from the band. The process was roughly: number each copy; lay the copies out on the worktop in order; stick them up to the wall with gaffer tape; and then Dave paints them... "Then they were put on a separate wall to be photographed and then taken down - and that process was repeated a few thousand times. The whole thing took twice as long as expected, but was a really fun process, and I was really happy to be working with a band so closely, it meant that if anything went wrong I could blame them!"

PRO Credits


DirectorDaniel Brereton
Production CompanyPartizan Darkroom
Director of PhotographyGabbi Norland
Art DirectorHelen Mearns
StylistCesca Dvorak
ProducerTina Pawlik, Joe Walker
1st ADKerry Green
CommissionerJane Third

David Knight - 24th Jan 2012

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