Jimmy Brown - 1st Apr 2011

ET, the fourth single from Katy Perry's globe-straddling Teenage Dream album, boasts an outer space extravaganza from Floria Sigismondi, in a rare return to promo action.

Boasting an appearance (and recently added vocals) by Kanye West and with all departments upping their game (notably Kabuki's make-up), the promo greatly enhances the pounding soundtrack, combining sci-fi, sex, social comment, sunglasses and human-animal genetic engineering. Nice one, Floria.


DirectorFloria Sigismondi
Production CompanySymphony 19
EditorJarrett Fijal
Director of PhotographyJon
HairPamela Neal
Production designerJason Fijal
CommissionerDanny Lockwood

Jimmy Brown - 1st Apr 2011

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