David Knight - 4th Nov 2008

Even Evel Knievel had to start somewhere. But did ol' Evel ever have to put up with miserable English pissing-down weather Course not.

It's an uplifting vid, in more ways than one, by Bob Harlow, who has already entertained millions with his cracking Wiley 'Rolex' viral. He'll be jumping doubledeckers at Wembley in no time.

Bob Harlow on making the video for The Rifles' The Great Escape

"Shooting outside in England - good times. It was torrential raining intermittently all day, which made things interesting. The main kid on the BMX was hardcore though, he just got on with it. He must've cycled up and down that wall 50 times and didn't complain once. Some of the other extras weren't quite as patient, I believe there was lots of Haribo bribes going on to keep people happy. Gotta love that Starmix.

"When it came to get the flares out I was quite excited, the SFX guy went off to do a tester and it literally blew out his hand and shot about 50ft across the field, making a nice little burnt patch where it landed. He was pretty spooked and assured us that it was 'one in a million' that were faulty. So he tried another and the same thing happened.

"Somehow we had a whole box of 1 in a millions. They sent us a new batch up all the way from Southampton which also turned out to be all faulty, so we switched up to some "sparkly flares", which I think turned out good in the end. It wasn't the end of the flare dilemma though as one of the kids got "flare" in their eye while we were shooting, luckily Claire [Stubbs] was on hand to stuff a bag of Haribo in the kids mouth thus curing the blinded eye.

"I think we tired out the BMX kid in the morning too much because when it came to do the jump he didn't exactly go as far as I had imagined. So jumping the girls for real was definitely out the question. I don't think even Haribo could fix a bike to the face.

"All in all it was a fun shoot and I would like to thank everyone that made me oblivious to the various tantrums, angry dads, and whatever else I'm sure I haven't found out yet."[/pay]

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DirectorBob Harlow
ProducerDom Thomas
Director of PhotographySteve Annis
Art DirectorSarah Jenneson
EditorEd Line
OnlineChris Rodgers
CommissionerClaire Stubbs

David Knight - 4th Nov 2008

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