David Knight - 4th Sept 2008

As we all know, gangs are bad, the scourge of society. They are sucking in our kids and making them do awful things. The Kaiser Chiefs recognise this, and they clearly quite worried about the little bastards.

James and Kate from Goodtimes illustrate the problem in their excellent video for the Kaisers' new poptastic tune: so many kids, so many gangs, causing absolute bloody mayhem - especially with their West Side Story-style dancing.

The ones I really don't like are the Cardboard Helmet Crew.

Kate and James of Goodtimes on the making of Kaiser Chiefs' Never Miss A Beat

"The ideas for the video stemmed from the 'call to arms', anthem-like energy of the track. It reminded us of a bizarre 1970s American cycling safety film we saw
last year that we loved, in which a troop of kids are bombing around the streets on bikes wearing homemade monkey masks.

"There is also a touch of a homage to the classic film The Warriors, which tells a fast-paced tale of many self-styled gangs chasing across each other's territories in New York.

"We wanted to have a poke at the growing paranoia around adults who no longer identify with the kids in their home towns, and who for the most part are fearing the worst. In the vid we show adults staying indoors watching reports about these unruly kids on the news, as the kids in turn are mobilising their forces to an undetermined end - which results in being a joyful massive dance off!

"The residents of the estates we filmed in were brilliant and really accommodating, and the kids were great. We had a good time filming this one - and the lads in the band were alright too, I guess..."

Watch 'The Kaiser Chiefs’ Never Miss A Beat by Goodtimes' here


Production CompanyDraw Pictures
ProducerPhil Tidy
Director of PhotographyStein Stie
ChoreographerDavid Leighton
EditorDarren Baldwin
OnlineDirty UK
CommissionerRoss Anderson
ProducerPaul Carter

David Knight - 4th Sept 2008

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