Pusha T 'Lunch Money' by Emil Nava

An FBI survellance operation turns up something surprising in Emil Nava's video for Pusha T's Lunch Money - some of the world's greatest body-contorting street dancers. 

David Knight - 5th Jan 2015


Scorcher 'No One Else' by Chris Ranson

Chris Ranson directs Scorcher's No One Else video, about the hip-hop artist's troubled relationship with a beautiful girl – played by Hanako Footman.

David Knight - 27th Nov 2014


The Weeknd 'Often' by Sam Pilling

In Sam Pilling’s video for The Weeknd's lewd Often - his fourth for the Canadian superstar – the motion control-driven camera prowls and flips around a luxury hotel …

David Knight - 29th Aug 2014

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The Promonews Roundup


Nic Goose 'Luxury' by Emil Nava

With its copious drug use and tough LA setting, Emil Nava moves into much darker territory than usual with this low-budget video for rapper/producer Nic Goose's Luxury - from his …

David Knight - 14th Apr 2014


Ratking 'Canal' by Eric K. Yue

Life in the good ol' Lower East Side documented in good ol' Kodak 16mm film for Ratking's excellent Canal by regular collaborator Eric K. Yue and his DoP David Raboy. Frankly, it …

David Knight - 11th Apr 2014


Clark Originals X MF DOOM by Charlie & Joe

Creative agency Portas enlisted the help of Charlie Robins and Joe Alexander to produce a beautifully-shot video for the SS14 Clarks Originals Pioneers campaign, with rapper Hip Hop artist DOOM.

David Knight - 24th Mar 2014


Joel Compass 'Forgive Me' by Ben & Ross

Ben Murray and Ross McDowell are back with the video for man-of-the-moment Joel Compass's Forgive Me, where once again they elevate a live performance with innovative staging and effects. …

David Knight - 7th Mar 2014


Dead Players 'Badman' by Harvey Eaton

Harvey Eaton's video for Dead Players' Badman focusses squarely on Dabbla, a charismatic rapper with the super-fast flow. Harvey throws in an Ancient Egyptian theme for good …

David Knight - 22nd Jan 2014

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