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OLI 'Better Than Before' by Heini Susanne

Promonews - 13th Nov 2023

The latest in a longstanding collaboration between Finnish director Heini Susanne and London-based artist OLI is an autumnal celebration of friendship and movement in a natural setting.

Susanne's video for Better Than Before - following the likes of Don't Give Up and Float - stylishly combines portraiture, fashion and dance with a cast of characters captured on wide-angled lenses to create a sense of abstraction and wit around the images.

"The video explores connectedness by playing with human bodies intertwining with each other and nature," says Heini Susanne. "With the help of our fantastic movement director Jack Traylen, we got to mould bodies into shape like sculptures.

"Talent is seen growing as part of the organic world. The steady, slow-moving parts of these human sculptures in nature are juxtaposed with fast-cut bits from a dance scene taking place in a man-made environment. The energy of the dance scene alters from calm to hectic which is reflected on camera movement and angles.

"We used mainly the LAOWA 12mm to create a world that hopefully steps away from the everyday, keeping in line with OLI's dreamy, otherworldly music."

Promonews - 13th Nov 2023


  • Director's notes
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Pop

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Heini Susanne
Mia Kelho
Production Manager
Ronja Saxelin
Production Coordinator Pia-Marie Lahti. In Association With Av. San Juan 234. Special Thanks To Angel Films & Kamerafirma.


Director of Photography
Nikté Teleguario Marín
Focus Puller
Eino Leskinen
2nd AC
Petri Ollila


Key Grip
Leevi Pienihäkkinen


Sakke Hytönen
Eveliina Suotula
Kaisa Laitala
Clothes Designed By Rolf Ekroth, Sofia Ilmonen, HEDVIG Collection.


Movement Director
Jack Traylen


Lead actor
Saffet Kaymaz
Lead actor
Vi Trinh
Lead actor
Saban Ramadani
Lead actor
Gebbre Ooi
Lead actor
Matti Myllyaho
Lead actor
Emma Makkonen
Lead actor
Alexandra Alholm
Lead actor
Iida Nikander
Lead actor
Sofia Gill
Lead actor
Sara Soinne
Lead Dancer
Suvi Honkanen

Promonews - 13th Nov 2023

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