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Casino Royale ft Marta Del Grandi 'Cospiro' by Frankie Caradonna

Rob Ulitski - 14th July 2023

Frankie Caradonna explores the journey of being human, in this affecting promo for Italian band Casino Royale, featuring Marta Del Grandi - shot over the course of two years. 

The band wanted to depict individuals exorcising themselves of the anxiety rampant during current times marred by war, the climate and economic crises, and aftermath of the pandemic. Caradonna has taken that concept and brought it to life with vision and flair. The cast are the central focus of this concept, and by using friends of the band as opposed to real actors, the expressions and scenes come across as genuine and intimate. 

“This project would have been impossible without the support of my DP, Stefano Bella, and his fantastic crew at Overclock, Milan," Caradonna says. "Their commitment and devotion made this dream come true. The project has been a magnet for love, supported by so many people and I could not be happier.”

Initially intended as part of a 30 minute poetic visualisation of Casino Royale’s new album Polaris, the team realised while shooting the film that something larger was brewing. It now serves also as a teaser for ALBA AD OVEST, a longform project set to launch soon.

Rob Ulitski - 14th July 2023


  • Nature
  • Human
  • City
  • War
  • Crisis
  • Genuine

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Frankie Caradonna
Francesco Leali
Production Company
Production Team
Alessandro Salerno, Annabella Salvalaio, Bejna Hoxha, Emanuele Ferrari


Director of Photography
Stefano Bella
Camera Department
Loris Galetta, Riccardo Pompili, Andrea De Luca, Giorgio Errico, Stella Taveggia


Art Director
Veronica Molteni
Art Director
Michele Colombo


Frankie Caradonna
Animated Titles
Sound Design & Mix
Thomas Ferriero


Diego La Rosa


Director's Representation
Great Guns
Director's Rep (UK)
OB Management
Music Video Representation
OB Management

Rob Ulitski - 14th July 2023

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