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Tyler, the Creator 'Dogtooth' by Tyler Okonma

David Knight - 31st Mar 2023

Tyler is back, showing once more that not only is he a great rapper, he's an incredible visual interpreter of his own music. Even if he's not now directing as Wolf Haley, but under a new monicker/handle.

And Dogtooth is jaw dropping. As multiple Tylers goof in classic fashion in a dangerous-looking chemical/industrial plant under a blazing sun, it has its own weird energy and tension (and that really does appear to be Tyler miles up on on that tower gantry).

It's also of a piece with the videos from the last album Call Me If You Get Lost, as this is the extension of that project (Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale, out today, 31/3/23). Hats off to his main collaborators, producer Tara Razavi and DoP Luis 'Panch' Perez, who play key roles in the consistency of that vision.

And that vision is, of course, incontestably and peerlessly wacky. No-one can out-wacky Tyler, the Creator. And it would be a terrible spoiler to reveal what he does to those cool white cars. 


David Knight - 31st Mar 2023


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Wolf Haley
Tara Razavi
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Happy Place


Director of Photography
Luis Panch Perez

David Knight - 31st Mar 2023

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