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Max Cooper 'Inanimate To Animate' by Jip Mus

Promonews - 12th Dec 2022

Dutch filmmaker and photographer Jip Mus explores organisms at a microscopic level in the absorbing visual for the sparse and dreamy electronica of Max Cooper's Inanimate To Animate, featuring vocalist Kotomi. 

Jip Mus writes about the project: "This is a story about the boundary between life and non-life. A film about the continuation of species, where we see different cells and organisms increase in an almost rhythmic and pulsating way.

"Getting the right amount of abstraction and dream-state in the visual approach was the challenge for this project. The organisms we see are super abstract, we recognise them as being from a natural world but also can’t quite place them within our frame of reference. This is also why working on a microscopic level is interesting to me, we usually can’t experience this complex dimension. Everything you see in the film is ‘living’.

"It is questioning our definition of intelligence and what we define as a living organism. It’s amazing how much I have learned about biology and our (micro) universe and I am incredibly thankful for the people that helped me during this project. I hope you can enjoy our work, and that it might bring back some fascination for the natural world around us."

Promonews - 12th Dec 2022


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