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Circa Waves 'Carry You Home' by Joseph Falcovici

Rob Ulitski - 30th Nov 2022

Joseph Falcovici directs a touching promo for Circa Waves' Carry You Home - a portrait of two friends in the twilight of their youth, as they whittle away the time exploring their environment.

Naturalistic in its presentation, the video captures candid shots of the two characters in an intimate, authentic way. Though there is no dialogue - and as a result, many of the talking scenes are mysterious in their context - we can use our own experiences to imagine what is being said, and to empathise with the emotions the friends experience during their adventures.

"It’s a video for everyone who found themselves growing up in a small town wishing to leave, and their close friends they left behind then they did," says Falcovici. "The lyrics have an undertone of a father being worried that climate change may fundamentally change the world his son grows up in.

"Brutalist architecture was an expression of post-war optimism and a re-imagining of how society might live in the future," he continues. "Many of these structures have since become dilapidated or even demolished. These buildings are relics of the past’s imagined future in a time where the future is a major cause anxiety for younger generations. I wanted to contrast interactions with those imposing concrete structures and the fragile natural world we may lose."

Rob Ulitski - 30th Nov 2022


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Joesph Falcovici
Oska Zaky
Production Company


Director of Photography
Harry Steele


Lead actor
Fyn Pheonix
Lead actor
Jhon Lumsden


Joseph Falcovici


Cam Sander
Colour grade company
Dan Moran Colour


Prolifica Ltd.


Colour Producer
Harry Steele

Rob Ulitski - 30th Nov 2022

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