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Benjamin Clementine 'Delighted' by Curtis Essel

Promonews - 13th Oct 2022

The third song released from Benjamin Clementine's forthcoming third studio album is accompanied by an intriguing video directed by Curtis Essel. It's as individualistic and experimental as the artist's music.

In the video for Delighted, Benjamin takes a gleaming vintage 1960s Rover to a sports ground. But not before donning a black Panama-like hat - which will become a recurring motif in this diverting narrative.

The singer then meets fellow teammates - also wearing black hats - and an unusual game begins on the turf of the ground with an opposing team. It's like rugby, but with a hat instead of a ball.

The action is painstakingly crafted by Ghanian-British director Essel - who's prize-winning work includes the short films Allumuah, AGYA and Almost An Adult - and beautifully shot by cinematographer Henry Gill. And for those who have not been acquainted with Clementine for a while, it is a wonderful re-introduction to the distinctive vision of the Mercury Prize-winning singer-songwriter.    

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Promonews - 13th Oct 2022


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Curtis Essel
Adam Oyejobi
Production Company
Executive Producer
Andrew Law
Executive Producer
Rupert Reynolds-MacLean
Production Manager
Yuri Galitsky


Director of Photography
Henry Gill


Helena Teixeira
Editing company


Post production company
Rascal Post


Head Of Production
Polly du Plessis
Jai Durban

Promonews - 13th Oct 2022

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