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The Flitz '1995' by Graham Michael Roberts

Rob Ulitski - 5th Oct 2022

Graham Michael Roberts directs a time-bending promo for The Flitz. 

It's New Years Eve 1995, and an effervescent party scene plays out as we follow a character run out of the house, noticeably upset. And that's where the time travel fun begins. 

Absorbingly vibrant and engaging, it's a fun narrative with plenty to see. 

"Time travel was my most ambitious idea yet, especially when it's all intertwined," the director says. 

"In time travel terms, the events of this night were always going to play out the same. She doesn't go back in time and change things, therefore I needed everything to weave together correctly right from the beginning. If you look closely you can see she actually knocks into herself right at the start of the video (something you'd only understand on a second watch).

"It was so fun to do, and our main actresses (twins Mel & Lucy) were just incredible. I really didn't want to use camera trickery / vfx on this to have the same people in the room, I wanted it to be real!"

Rob Ulitski - 5th Oct 2022


  • Performance
  • Party
  • House Party
  • Vibrant
  • Time travel
  • Intriguing

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Director of Photography
Marti Guiver
Focus Puller
Nicolas Di Matteo
2nd AC
Jack Plumbridge


Sebastian Ware

Rob Ulitski - 5th Oct 2022

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