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Cafuné 'Tek It' by Crux

Promonews - 8th June 2022

Hold on to your seats and get ready to be taken on a magical fantasy ride by French animation studio Crux’s marvellous video for Cafuné’s viral hit Tek It.

The video is a beautifully stylised retro-futurist 80s-anime dream - all from the perspective of a cute black cat, smitten with their owner and jealous of their mysterious friend, who may or may not be their partner, who keeps taking them away from this envious claw-ready pet. 

We follow the jealous feline into an imaginary world they dream up of swooping their owner off their feet in different trippy scenarios - including the imaginative kitty transforming into a charming cat-woman, singing to the moons for help, and using the Tek It track itself as a way to win their owner over.

The core of Crux are Frederick Venet and Natia Sopromadze - with Venet on directing duties, from a script by Sopromadze, who also produced the project. They have crammed so many surreal ideas and imagery into the narrative to create a gorgeous sense of hallucination and daydreaminess to match the sentimental vibe of the track. Definitely ones to watch.

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Promonews - 8th June 2022


  • Animation
  • Narrative
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Frederick Venet
Natia Sopromadze
Production Company
Executive Producer
Kiran Mandla


Animation Company
Background design
Benoit Tastet
Layout posing
Soham Chakraborty
João Paulo da Silva Buosi, Salome Samadbegishvili, Pari Tawale, Krishna Kothari, Aadil Sayyed, Hsin-Hua Hsieh, Emalie Tison, Maria Joel Carreño Andreu, Tamás Pázmány, Vega Lazaro, Avtandil Gvaramia
FX animation
Guillaume Degroote, Tamás Pázmány, Frederick Venet


Director's Rep (UK)
Lee Fairweather


Natia Sopromadze
Frederick Venet
Frederick Venet
Character Design
Frederick Venet
Character Design
Charline Isabel
Character Design
Thérèse Sanchez

Promonews - 8th June 2022

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