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Col3trane 'Logan Paul' by Tom Emmerson

Rob Ulitski - 6th Apr 2022

Tom Emmerson leads Col3trane through a satirical microcosm of the modern world - drawing on classical art for inspiration - in the mesmerising video for Logan Paul. 

Col3 wrote the song after attending one of social media personality-cum-boxer Paul's infamous parties in the Hollywood Hills - and Emmerson's video draws directly from the lyrics.

Firstly, it's like Fight Club, as Col3trane walks through a basement full of pumped-up fighters; then its House Party, as he moves into the light, and a colourful pool party with a dazzling array of revellers. The contrast between the two is then brilliantly summarised in one split-screen shot.

I drew inspiration from Renaissance art for the party and Baroque art for the fighting.

"I wanted to create something that highlighted the utter absurdity of the TikTok era we live in; where e-boys with millions of followers go through sudden, intensive, almost monk-like, boxing training preparing to fight one another," says Emmerson. 

"I wanted to juxtapose the hedonistic (the party) with the cathartic (the fighting). Stylistically I drew inspiration from Renaissance art for the party and Baroque art for the fighting. No one does mass compositions better than the Renaissance painters and no one plays with shadows better the Baroque painters (specifically Caravaggio)."

"The split screen composition was directly inspired by Frans Francken the Younger’s 1633 painting Mankind's Eternal Dilemma, The Choice Between Virtue and Vice  which depicts heaven, hell and earth in one epic cross-section. It all came together to form what I hope is one overwhelming sensory overload - capturing what it’s like to drift through a party feeling totally dissociated from one’s own surroundings."

Rob Ulitski - 6th Apr 2022


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  • Logan Paul
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Jamie Tarr
Production Company
EM Films
Executive Producer
Jordi Estapé
Production Manager
Carles Paune
1st AD
Paco Martin


Director of Photography
Rhys Warren
Focus Puller
Roger Milian
2nd AC
Pau Garcia


Genis Serra
Key Grip
Joan Roca


Production designer
Sarah Molano
Art Director
Arnau Gracia
Bernat Bisbal


Movement Director
Joe Grey Adams


Casting director
Oriol Ramis


Colour Producer
Jai Durban
Dan Levy
Colour grade company
Rascal Post

Rob Ulitski - 6th Apr 2022

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