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Billie Flynn 'Forever Goodbye' by Andy Morgan

Rob Ulitski - 6th Dec 2021

Andy Morgan directs an emotionally affecting promo for Billie Flynn's Forever Goodbye. The track explores love, loss and not being able to see someone again, and Morgan captures this emotion through a strong conceptual device. 

Presenting eleven takes of the same movements - Flynn walking, sitting on a bench and being touched on the shoulder by an old man's hand - the video has a repetitive, cyclical feel, yet the degradation in the aesthetic and the slightly off-beat moments build to a heartbreaking climax. 

Clever in its simplicity and execution, the video is further elevated by the stunning natural landscapes of the New Forest. 

I set the video in the ‘60s, inspired by Hitchcock's screentests for Tippi Hedren.

"Forever Goodbye is a beautiful song, honest and affecting, with extremely personal lyrics, and in transcribing the song’s intimate story visually, I felt a simple and more abstract idea was the best approach," says Morgan. "I wanted the whole video to be like watching the rushes for the multiple takes of a single scene in a movie.

"I set the video in the ‘60s after being inspired by Hitchcock's screentests for Tippi Hedren. It also made sense to make this a period piece as viewing processed dailies is not really something that happens anymore.

"Each shot has an identical action, following the song chronologically. I timed eleven takes, each with a slightly different consideration for things such as when Billie should sit and when the meeting takes place which guides the cut. I chose to have each take become increasingly more grainy and degraded, representing the unfortunate fading of memories over time.

"That is until the final take, when no meeting takes place. Here I wanted to show Billie’s strength as she walks away from this moment, ready to face her future."

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Rob Ulitski - 6th Dec 2021


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Andy Morgan
Electric Light Studios
1st AD
Riyadh Haque


Director of Photography
Matt Gillan
Focus Puller
Naomi Hancock


Andy Morgan


Hannah Daisy Braid

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Ryan Lackenby


Lee Morris

Rob Ulitski - 6th Dec 2021

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