Promonews - 6th Dec 2021

Roisino's directs the video for Baby Queen's Wannabe as a cartoonish version of a band's early steps to rock stardom, with Bella Latham (aka BQ) and her colourful buddies lounging in a chaotic 'green room' area, before a triumphant live performance to enthusiastic fans.

Tapping into the penetrating self-analysis that you get with every Baby Queen song, Roisino drew on their own teenage experiences hanging with friends who had bands that were trying to make it, and trying to be cool.

"The narrative of ‘Wannabe’ is a satirisation of anyone who doubted Baby Queen’s musical abilities," says Roisino. "We follow Bella in a vintage surrealist world; a chaotic yet stereotypical green room, through to an onstage pop queen hero moment.

"Drawing references from instinctual play in youth; I referred back to a time in my life between fifteen and eighteen whereby I was constantly surrounded by bands, always at soundcheck and hanging out in the green room.

"We definitely weren’t considered cool, but it was a period of time in my life that is unmatched in terms of its feeling of unification through difference. We were the misfits, the oddballs, the weirdos and wannabes; the kids that wouldn’t ever make it. Look at us now."

PRO Credits


ProducerNura Abdela
Director of PhotographyEden Tarn
Focus PullerKoko Stoimenov
GafferOwain Morgan
Art DirectorRoisino
WardrobeAmy Stephenson
HairReiss Alexander
Make-upFrancesca Brazzo
ColouristJohn Lowe
Director's RepresentationMarisa Garner Associates
CommissionerJoanna Szyczewska
Other credits2nd Art Director: Alan Scott Art Assistant: Natasha Ng Art Assistant And BTS: Taha Izzi Production Assistant: Tyler Litter

Promonews - 6th Dec 2021

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