Promonews - 2nd Dec 2021

Andy Morgan directs a visually stylish live performance by Griff of her song One Night, created in a Gregory Crewdson-like version of suburbia.

"With this live session, Griff wanted to pay homage to the work of Gregory Crewdson with theatrical lighting in a real space," says Morgan. "Something I wanted to do was have a reason to introduce this otherworldly light, because not many live sessions offer an opportunity to have any kind of narrative.

"A buzzing sound from above causes Griff to investigate, then once the spotlight is introduced it follows her every move, enticing her to perform. The hardest part was actually getting the spotlight in place as we had an enormous crane that boomed out over the bungalow. We had the luxury of an incredibly quiet night, as well as very accommodating neighbours, meaning Griff could actually record live on location.

"She absolutely nailed the vocal, with her performance heightened by how dreamlike the setting was. Once she’s finished with her performance, once again the buzzing sound builds in intensity. Then just as this sound reaches a crescendo, we immediately cut to black."


DirectorAndy Morgan
Production CompanyElectric Light Studios
Director of PhotographyRichard Dunton
Focus PullerAndreea Gruioniu
GafferNoah Furrer
WardrobeLily Burdis
Editing companyElectric Light Studios
Post production companyElectric Light Studios
CommissionerLottie Llewellyn
Other creditsMgmt - Deleon Blake, Ben Smoothy, Sparks - Amarjeet Singh, Alfie Hayes, Chris Bishop, DIT - Miles Tudor, Audio -Ran Steiner, Greg Budzilla, Runner & BTS Photography Olivia Noubissi

Promonews - 2nd Dec 2021

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