Promonews - 27th Aug 2021

Jay Green creates a hard-hitting video about the reality of surveillance in London in the new video for Kam-Bu featuring Knucks in Call Me Back.

Kam-Bu and Knucks are tired of being relentlessly watched and followed in the gripping visuals for their new collaboration, which sees the two rappers trade verses back and forth, weaving in and out of flows seamlessly with effortless chemistry and impact.

Green does a superb job in establishing the atmosphere of paranoia in which they operate, emphasised by the black and white colours and docu-style camera work.

And the kinetic editing, and use of split-screen, spurs a sense of disillusionment focusing on lingering shadows and sudden movement. This is very good indeed.

PRO Credits


DirectorJay Green
Production CompanyCOMPULSORY
Executive ProducerKiran Mandla
1st ADOliver Waters
Director of PhotographyJack Smith
Focus PullerErnest Tu
2nd ACKosta Vokov
StylistConnor Gaffe Williams
Director's RepresentationLee Fairweather
CommissionerOlivia West
Other creditsDriver: Tony Wilson Policeman: David Laurence

Promonews - 27th Aug 2021

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