David Knight - 19th Aug 2021

Simon Owens toys with the X and Y axes in his new video for Alexis Taylor, with the Hot Chip frontman apparently scaling walls with the biggest rope you have ever seen.

Echoing the myth of Sisyphus, and employing a technique possibly last seen in the Batman TV series back in the 1960s - namely, tilting the camera 90 degrees - Alexis 'pulls' himself up different vertical structures and through spaces using a giant, thickly braided ship’s mooring rope.

He also travels through intensely colourful doors travelling from external to internal locations and back again.

As with their previous collaborations, such as Oh Baby, Simon Owens uses irreverent, perception-challenging methods to present Taylor's serious ruminations on life in the House Of The Truth. 

It's that unfeasibly large rope that really gets you...


This rope pulled a ship out of the River Mersey!

"As perfect as it might sound genuinely came from listening to the track. I felt the melodrama of the song, a struggle, a constant struggle, with Alexis pulling himself somewhere, and then realsing 'somewhere' was nowhere.

The Sisyphus part was some post-rationalization. After telling Alexis the idea he compared it to Sisyphus, natch. Then the ['60s TV] Batman did come up in preproduction, from my art department, and with more post-rationalization, I have since been describing the video as 'My Sisyphean Batman'.

"I found the rope, 200m long, in Northampton. This rope pulled a ship out of the River Mersey! After a week of persuading, the owner agreed to cut 10 meters for me — He actually gave me 20 meters, with which I used only 3.5 meters.

"I felt pity for the man with a van who brought it from Northampton to London. It's ridiculously heavy -, 3.5 meters needed four people just to hold it."

Watch 'Alexis Taylor 'House Of The Truth' by Simon Owens' here

PRO Credits


DirectorSimon Owens
ProducerSimon Owens
Director of PhotographyBen Magahy
Focus PullerJay Notley
2nd ACCristian Ionut Necula
GafferBruce Magahy
Art DirectorSian Murphy
EditorSimon Owens
ColouristJack McGinity
Grading companyCHEAT
Post production companyDaydreamervfx
VFXDaydreamer Vfx
CommissionerVerdigris Management
Other creditsSecond AC And DIT: Spark: Howard Morton Grip: Sid Jones Art Department Assistant: Rafe Mullarkey Van Hire And Driver: Howard Morton Runners: Jack Baker, Matthew Gowenlock, Felicity Chalaby, Sonni Mason Assistance: Jerome Danvers, Noah Taylor, Jim Simpson Hat: John Booth Clothes: Bernhard Willhelm Additional Cast: Kenichi Iwasa And Sian Murphy Additional Editing: Jim Wright Camera And Grip Equipment: Focus 24 Rig: Feral Equipment Lighting: Pixi Pixel Insurance: Somesuch Huge Thank-you For The Support Of Ben Mitchell From Focus 24.

David Knight - 19th Aug 2021

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