David Knight - 24th June 2021

Actor/director Mercedes Grower and comedy icon Julia Davis have formed the lo-fi indie band Sybil, and also co-directed the intriguing video for their debut single Lonelylife in which several characters, including Grower, express themselves - and expose themselves - in the grim deserted streets of wintry London.

Grower wrote and directed the well-regarded Brakes - a low budget dark comedy with an ensemble cast including Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt, Grower and Davis. That's worth checking out, and so is this.

Shot during the winter lockdown, the cast (choreographer/dancer Florence Peake, Leo Kay, Mercedes Grower, Susy Grower) wander empty streets, often with their nether regions defiantly exposed. Or in Leo's case, mostly naked. And why not? There's certainly no-one around to get offended.

But this experment in visual comedy and street dance is more poignant than outrageous. Lonelylife is Sybil's 'sadsex' anthem, and these underclad performers appear to be channelling the desperation that comes with loneliness - and they are really going for it.  


DirectorMercedes Grower
DirectorJulia Davis
ProducerMercedes Grower
ProducerJulia Davis
Production CompanySybil
Director of PhotographyMercedes Grower
Director of PhotographyJulia Davis
ChoreographerFlorence Peake
EditorNeil McCartney
ColouristNeil McCartney
Post ProducerNeil McCartney
VFXNeil McCartney
Other creditsCast: Florence Peake, Leo Kay, Mercedes Grower, Susy Grower Representation: United Agents (Mercedes Grower), Independent Talent (Julia Davis)

David Knight - 24th June 2021

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