Promonews - 3rd June 2021

Art director Anthony Neale steps into the director's chair to create an arresting visual for Italian rock duo Peaks! - featuring tattooed man Uno.

Neale makes Uno the intriguing focus of the piece - with Rebecca Yeo as a contrasting presence - within an atmospheric abstract scenario, art directed by Neale himself and Fingal Green. An impressive directing debut.


I hope its a coherent visual representation of the strength and vulnerability evident in this incredible track.

"My original vision for PEAKS’ track Fired Up had to change when, due to the pandemic, the band were unable to travel from Turin to the UK. Not having the band appear in their own video posed the interesting problem of how to represent them and the themes of the song, and to achieve a strong aesthetic without relying on a performance to drive the narrative.

"This task was rather daunting as a first time director, but I went back to the drawing board and came up with (what I hope is) a coherent visual representation of the strength and vulnerability evident in this incredible track.

"Using a fully-tattooed man (the wonderfully expressive Uno) to represent the externalization of thought (literally), but also through specific body language, props and sets, the internalization, self realization and eventual re-birth that can come from trauma – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

"With the full support of a very gifted crew who really went all out for me, including a wonderful performance from Uno’s 'antagonist' Rebecca Yeo, I hope that the visual - all be it obliquely - goes some way to illustrate the emotions conveyed by Fired Up."


DirectorAnthony Neale
ProducerMatthew Strange
ProducerAngus Blue
Production CompanyBase & Apex
Executive ProducerAndrew Boucher
1st ADPaul Couturier
Director of PhotographyArran Green
Focus PullerDaniel Dayton
Clapper LoaderTeko
SteadicamMarcus Albertson
GafferOllie Riches
Art DirectorAnthony Neale
Art DirectorFingal Green
SFX SupervisorPaul O'Rourke
EditorJoseph Carnaby
VFX CompanyArmoury London
Director's RepresentationBase & Apex
CommissionerRiverman Management
Other creditsAssistant Art Director - Joseph Taylor, Michael Appleby

Promonews - 3rd June 2021

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