Rob Ulitski - 14th May 2021

Wons Phreely self-directs the wonderfully eccentric promo for The Night Has An Alibi. 

The video depicts the story of Wons, an average everyday nobody. But with a slight twist - this nobody has no actual body, and so he makes the best of things by navigating his way through life using only his head - particularly when his girlfriend goes to a club and lets him fend for himself. 

Whimsical and engaging, the video was directed and produced by the singer himself - a real showcase of Phreely's mulitfaceted creative talents. 


DirectorWons Phreely
ProducerWons Phreely
Production CompanySome Loves Vision
Director of PhotographyLaffrey Witbrod
Art DirectorWons Phreely
EditorWons Phreely
VFXWons Phreely

Rob Ulitski - 14th May 2021

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