Rob Ulitski - 28th Apr 2021

Ardmax brings the dreamy vibes in his eye-catching promo for Wonder's Hotel. 

Experimenting with abstract art direction and textures, Ardmax explores the themes of the track in an unconventional manner, placing the artist in different positions and exposing different body parts through colourful backdrops. 

Shot with a soft filter and plenty of haze, the video eminates a sense of nostalgia, whilst feeling very much out-of-body in its aesthetic. 

It's a fresh and unexpected perspective, elevated by Wonder's willing performance and an alluring location. 


The goal was to make each frame a picturesque image.

"The aim was for each image to represent an art piece that you would be accustomed to seeing in an exhibition / gallery.

"I wanted to create a nonchalant mood while giving life to the artistic space around the artist. We placed Wonder in interesting spaces within the house and let the camera movements / angles do the work.

"The goal was to make each frame a picturesque image with careful lighting and placements. We had a tight budget and team but managed to pull it off with careful planning. The look of the video is inspired by Wes Anderson and Roger Deakins films, mixed in with some Travis Scott music videos."


Production CompanyArdmax Productions
1st ADMartin Tersigni
Director of PhotographyMads Junker
Focus PullerJustice Akushie Junior
GafferKristof Szentgyorgyvary
ColouristMads Junker

Rob Ulitski - 28th Apr 2021

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