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Berwyn '100,000,000' by LOOSE

Rob Ulitski - 16th Apr 2021

LOOSE directs a poignant promo for Berwyn's latest song, the heartfelt 100,000,000. 

The video seamlessly connects several clever setups in and around a car, utilising motion control, fluid art direction and visual effects to form an abstract yet interconnected narrative. 

The setting is of particular importance, given the story of the song. As Berwyn explained on Instagram: "Wrote this (track) in YMCA carpark sitting in the driver's seat of the car I was sleeping in. For that she's a special one of my children so I hope u like her."  

The performer's natural charm and wit shine through in the performance, switching between different eras of his life with ease, paying homage to the struggle whilst celebrating where he is now. 

Effortlessly engaging and innovative, it's a blinder of a video by the director now operating under the monicker LOOSE - fka Lucy Hickling). It's anchored by her love of character and narrative, and DoP Sam Meyer's wistful cinematography. 


Every scene acts as an aide for Berwyn to tell his story further. 

“In our early conversations Berwyn said he wanted the video to be a bit like a pantomime. You can really hear the folkish storytelling influences in all of Berwyn’s music, so I loved this reference and ultimately we landed on a very theatrical idea.

"Every scene only exists to act as an aide for Berwyn to help tell his story further. Berwyn is an incredible writer and the song is lyrically very powerful, so it was really important to me that the video exemplifies this. It was a pleasure to be involved.”

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Rob Ulitski - 16th Apr 2021

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Shea Coleman
Production Company
Production Company
Stink Rising
Executive Producer
1st AD
Joe Starrs


Director of Photography
Sam Meyer
Focus Puller
Peter Swinford
2nd AC
Max Edmed


Mark Stewart


Art Director
Bon Walsh


Frankie Noller


Pete Fullerton


Jonny Thorpe

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Global Head Of Stink Rising & Music Videos

Hannah Bellil

Production Assistant

Anna Peduzzi


Hugo Foley, Ben Faulkner & Arun Kahlon

Rob Ulitski - 16th Apr 2021

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