Rob Ulitski - 18th Mar 2021

Sarah Jacquier explores women's rivalry in her promo for Mano Leyra. 

The video focuses on a guy who hops between his girlfriend's house and the apartment of his "Sugar Mummy", who showers him in gifts and luxury goods. When the two women discover each other, a sinister, ethereal plot unfolds, ending in the untimely demise of one of them. 

The elevated colours and surreal art direction add an otherworldly vibe to the concept, balancing the sense of reality and absurdity. 


Female rivalry, phone stalking, feelings of murder and anger... It felt good. 

"I like to play with kitsch aesthetics, amplifying the colours, the visuals, the props to create a universe that is hyperbole, where everything is too much. In the narrative, I decided to play with a storyline that was also very cliché, but somehow very realistic as well.

"I feel like this aesthetic works well with the universe of rap music. Most of the time, the lyrics travel between phantasm and reality. With artists mixing their real-life experience with created imagery.

"Regarding the creative process, we started with Mano Leyra’s scenario and I rewrote it to get the female vision of the story. I was interested in showing it in a way that wasn't very glamorous and still very cliché. Female rivalry, phone stalking, feelings of murder and anger... It felt good. I’ve been there, I felt that. I wanted to show it in its most raw, stupid reality.

"We were on a very tight budget and the whole crew worked restlessly to make the shoot happen. We got great inputs from the artist as well and the whole thing felt like a dream collaboration where we all mixed our ideas and resources to get the best result possible.

"We hope you will like it as much as we liked making it!"


DirectorSarah Jacquier
ProducerMano Leyra
ProducerThomas Chauvin
Production CompanyThe Gost Production
1st ADThomas Chauvin
Director of PhotographyStefano Forlini
Focus PullerElla Dancette
GafferVanille Davy
Art DirectorPénélope Bendrimia
HairVéronique Zuber
Make-upVéronique Zuber
EditorSarah Jacquier
ColouristDavid Chantoiseau
VFXAlexandre Bon
Other creditsActor: Nilaya Bal Actor: Valentine Dufloo

Rob Ulitski - 18th Mar 2021

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