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Jameson Nathan Jones 'Product 207' by Anton Nenashev

David Knight - 11th Mar 2021

This intriguing and beautifully-made short film, set in a distopian future where a youth is created and controlled by a force represented by a shape-shifting lazer, was directed by Latvian director Anton Nenashev.

Dialogue-free and with a soundtrack by Jameson Nathan Jones, Product 207 was filmedĀ last summer as a lockdown project in what Neneshev describes as "a tribute to the beauty of youth and the nature of Latvia, where we found ourselves in the pandemic climax, the sunrises were endless, the light was transcendent, and it was impossible not to shoot.

"Don't look for any deep religious or other connotations, it is rather an aesthetic exercise. This video was filmed just like that, for the krasota." Which essentially means 'beauty', and this is exactly that. With great photography and visual effects - both in-camera and in post - this is mysterious and alluring alternative creation story.

David Knight - 11th Mar 2021


  • Narrative
  • Short films
  • VFX
  • Alternative
  • Sci-fi
  • Creation

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Anton Nenashev
Anton Nenashev
Nikita Pichugov
Anton Beznosuk
Production Company


Director of Photography
Nikita Popkov


Lead actor
Eduards Razua


VFX Supervisor
Alexander Fedukovich

David Knight - 11th Mar 2021

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