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Dense & Pika ft Matthew Dear 'Honey' by Maxim Kelly

Promonews - 10th Mar 2021

Maxim Kelly marshals an army of virtual men to the alluring beats of Dense & Pika in his coolly witty video for Honey.

Just as the DJ production team of Alex Jones and Chris Spero (aka D&P) hit the sweet spot between dark house and booming techno - assisted on Honey by slow-burn techno maestro Matthew Dear on vocals - Kelly manipulates a familiar early-CGI graphic style down a less predictable and metaphorical path.

This digital army collect before the omnipotent decks of Dense and Pika - with the features of Jones and Spero more humanised than their acolytes. Then four horsemen carrying magnums of champagne trigger a strange effect on the rows of figures, and the end of the first phase of regimentation - to be replaced by something a bit loosier and groovier, but arguably more ominous. Now the men are suited and booted, becoming more individual, and pleased with themselves.

“For Dense and Pika featuring Matthew Dear, I thought I would keep it simple and make the music video about everything," says Kelly - who worked with Barcelona-based Martes Studio on the animation. "It’s a creation or Genesis story in three minutes. From Big Bang to Garden of Eden to Apocalypse. A parable which takes us through the principal political ideologies of our times. Concluding with a compelling theme or moral: 'don’t guzzle the honey.'”

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Promonews - 10th Mar 2021


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Maxim Kelly
Daniella Manca
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Daniella Manca


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Martes Studio
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John Hassay

Promonews - 10th Mar 2021

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