Promonews - 3rd Mar 2021

Director/DoP Ignas Laugalis has created an atmospheric dance piece to accompany Enda Gallery's We Got A Problem.

Through the expressive performance of dancer Taylor Graham in an abandoned building, Laugalis taps into a world of trauma and torment, where the mysterious presence of a small boy represents a memory, possibly guilt, and also the chance of redemption. 


Every moment during the making of this project seemed to be guided by faith.

"We go through so many traumatic experiences in our lives, some we don’t even realise how they affect us on a subconscious level. We might ignore, suppress feelings we don’t want to deal with to preserve our innocence, but eventually we have to grow up and accept the new reality.

"This project is very personal to me, as every moment during the making of this project seemed to be guided by faith. From getting in contact with the artist to finding the location of the shoot. On top of that everyone involved donated their time and energy to help create this music video, which had a minimal budget.

"The music video was shot in a location with no bathrooms or electricity so that brought an extra layer of difficulty, a day was spent cleaning broken glass and dust from the abandoned school along with needing to make the sets from scratch as the building had not been used for twenty years.

"The goal of this project was to explore how we carry trauma unknowingly with us throughout life, through expression of dance and art house. In a way it's the well-known coming of age story. This was the core idea we explored. How perhaps what makes us older, is not the years that go by but the experiences we go through in life. If this concept was taken to a more extreme, than a traumatic experience will rob someone of their childhood innocence.

"Through movement and abstract scenes, we wanted to capture that acknowledgment and acceptance of that traumatic experience that leads to the main character's liberation. Liberation from aspirations, naivety and overall optimistic outlook on life."

PRO Credits


DirectorIgnas Laugalis
ProducerGrainne Dwyer
Director of PhotographyIgnas Laugalis
GafferMichael McCarthy
GafferDeividas Paulauskas
Art DirectorGrainne Dwyer
Set designEmily Power
WardrobeAlice Halliday
Make-upKim Doran
EditorIgnas Laugalis
ColouristKarol Cybulski
Grading companyCHEAT
Post ProducerNicki Coombes
Lead actorTaylor Graham
LabelWelcome To The New World
Other creditsElectrician: James Tidmarsh

Promonews - 3rd Mar 2021

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