Rob Ulitski - 23rd Feb 2021

Two young lovers celebrate dance and movement in Fernando Nogari's energetic promo for Selena Gomez's Baila Conmigo. 

In preparation for her Spanish language EP release in March, Gomez has teamed up with Puerto Rican artist Rauw Alejandro on the track, and enlisted Nogari to create the cinematic visual. 

From São Paulo, Nogari remotely directed Selena in Los Angeles and Rauw in Miami, and the video also features footage recorded in October 2020 at Praia da Redonda, located at the city of Icapuí, a fishing village on the coast of Ceará. 

It's a true feast for the eyes, as the two lead characters discover a path to each other through several upbeat vignettes. Pierre De Kerchove's cinematography encapsulates the palpable energy of the track, and captures the striking colours and textures of each location, creating a timeless aesthetic that yearns for adventure and a taste of the unknown. 


I always felt a lot of truth and courage coming from Selena.

“Due to the pandemic, I was aware of our limitations when I first wrote the story. I couldn't travel and would have to shoot Selena and Rauw remotely. That was when the idea of recording a video within the actual video came up. Selena and Rauw would appear on television and mobile devices as they narrate this love story.

"In addition, we had strict protocols on the set. I decided to create a story that revolved around two characters. I wanted to have a choreography with backup dancers at some point, but we had to keep it minimal and intimate due to the restrictions imposed by Covid.

“I always felt a lot of truth and courage coming from Selena. She is not afraid to be vulnerable, to experiment. Baila Conmigo is about falling in love. The internal tension and conflict that we experience when we fall in love with someone for the first time. I created a narrative that evokes the emotions of a new love."


DirectorFernando Nogari
ProducerFrancesco Civita
Production CompanyIconoclast
Executive ProducerNathan Hussein
Director of PhotographyPierre De Kerchove

Rob Ulitski - 23rd Feb 2021

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