David Knight - 16th Feb 2021

Amar Hernández ratchets up the tension, while keeping things utterly mysterious, in his marvellous video for El Columpio Asesino.

As a man walks through an empty city, he senses that he's being watched and followed - and indeed that is what is happening, by a ever-changing cast of suspicious-looking males.

With the fluctuating logic of a nightmare, propelled by an editing style that prevents any form of explanation occuring in the mind of the viewer, Hernández builds an overpowering sense of existential dread. And there is nowhere for our unfortunate protagonist (played by Daniel Hesse) to hide.

And if you want to get an idea of the almost zany unpredictability of this video, how about the fact that the production credits start appearing not at the beginning or end, but right in the middle...


The intention was to show the confusion and the irrational, the dark and human side of the character.

"The inspiration for Sirenas de Mediodía came originally from the song, from their mood and tone. As soon as I heard the tune, images came into my mind, it was like an instant crush. After that, I explored the feasibility with the band and we started working on it - but then the pandemic arrived and the first hunch turned into a very long process.

"Without missing a beat and with the 'chasing' concept as a premise, I tried to play with ambiguity, deconstruction, and decontextualized elements. The intention was to show the confusion and the irrational, the dark and the human side of the character, letting myself be carried away by the formal and the narrative in equal measure.

"A disturbing mix between paranoia and desire, a conflict between reason and instinct... that's how I would describe this music video."


DirectorAmar Hernández
ProducerAmar Hernández
ProducerDaniel Meré
Production CompanyInlight
Director of PhotographyDaniel Meré
ColouristLuther Blissett
VFXPablo Rivas
Lead actorDaniel Hesse
LabelOso Polita

David Knight - 16th Feb 2021

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