Rob Ulitski - 15th Feb 2021

William Glass directs a dreamlike cinematic sequence, evoking intimate childhood memories, in his promo for Tullamarine's Then Billy Said/What Billy Said Next. 

The concept is loosely based on Billy, a bewildered fictional character created by Tullamarine composer Joss Armitage, who has had conflicted relationships with women since his mother died when he was young. The promo alludes to the importance of the Mother figure, the inexorable Death and having to let go.

Performer Lily Ashley embodies this sense of childlike wonder, traversing foggy landscapes with a balloon character, searching for meaning amongst the repetitive nature of life.

Impersonating various characteristics of the "Billy" character, the performance is top-notch, and the cinematography mirrors the authentic intimacy of the characterisation, reinterpreting the real-world environment through a youthful, naive lens. 

PRO Credits


DirectorWilliam Glass
ProducerMelanie Christine Amengual
1st ADJames Stoten
EditorWilliam Glass
ColouristMike Keelin
Lead actorLily Ashley
LabelDiaphane Creative

Rob Ulitski - 15th Feb 2021

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