Rob Ulitski - 8th Feb 2021

Ricky Gibb directs a dark and disjointed love story for Skaiwater's Tiana. 

Contrasting the shiny-pop soundtrack with a decidedly more poignant narrative, we see Tiana - an ex-lover of Skaiwater - attempt to rid herself of hangover and heartbreak alike, while tormented by her memory of the artist.

Featuring a flurry of dynamic camera movement and vibrant lighting - care of DoP Joshua Fry - the concept is punchy and concise, with an ending that defies expectations. 


I was intrigued by the idea that one could be so tormented by the memory of an ex-lover that reality could blur. 

"Listening to the track, it immediately felt bright and poppy. Because of this, I wanted to pull things aesthetically and conceptually in the opposite direction. I wanted to look at the bleaker side of love, and explore the residual torment one may feel when healing from a recent heartbreak.

"I was intrigued by the idea that one's mind could be so tormented by the memory of an ex-lover that reality could blur, forcing their surroundings to become equally as tormented as their mind.

"When developing the concept, in my mind, the character of Tiana did no longer hold the artist in high regard. She had sought to move on, and in fact, found the memory of him to be a burden. With this in mind, I wanted the embodiment of this memory to physically be a burden to the space they shared also; slumped throughout the home with little grace or regality.

"It was important to me for the memory to have its own motive and purpose too whilst moving through the day, visually becoming more emboldened as Tiana continued to awaken and inevitably dwell upon the doomed relationship further.

"I found it interesting to toy with the notion that thoughts and feelings and memories that we so wish we could rid our minds of really do battle for their continued survival sometimes."


DirectorRicky Gibb
ProducerJack Wiles
Production CompanyLogstore Films
1st ADGeorge O’ Regan
Director of PhotographyJoshua Fry
Focus PullerAshton Born
2nd ACMatthew Hollis
GafferCamil Liberto
Art DirectorAsh Halliburton
WardrobeYasmine Sabri
HairSogol Razi
Make-upSogol Razi
EditorRicky Gibb
Editing companyStudio Hulk
ColouristJonny Tully
Grading companyTag Collective Arts
Post ProducerGeorge Blomiley
Other creditsPA: James Clements Steadicam: Tommaso Colelli Spark: Kristian Delahoy Prod Company: Studio Hulk Spark: Matthew Wilson Art Assistant: Emily England Art Assistant: Vasco Oliviera BTS Photo: Amanda Fordyce Additional Talent: Deborah Arantes

Rob Ulitski - 8th Feb 2021

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