Rob Ulitski - 20th Jan 2021

Tristan Scott-Behrends directs a breathtaking promo for Sarah Mary Chadwick's Full Mood. 

Paying homage to love, heartbreak and the city of New York, the intimate video is presented in split screen, introducing a relationship between two men who are completely enamored with each other. 

Sarah Mary Chadwick appears in performance vignettes at key locations across the city, as subtitles guide the narrative from A to B, with an unexpected twist at the end. 

Like every great love story, the narrative is a rollercoaster punctuated by moments of fantasy and expectation, and Scott-Behrends' gentle direction creates a transcendent mood and aesthetic. 

It's a sensational piece of work that matches the lilting journey of the track, and is instantly engaging and worthy of several rewatches. 


DirectorTristan Scott-Behrends
ProducerTristan Scott-Behrends

Rob Ulitski - 20th Jan 2021

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