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Taylor Bennett ft Mr Hudson 'Don't Wait Up' by LAMAR+NIK

David Knight - 21st Dec 2020

LAMAR+NIK welcome Taylor Bennett to their world, placing the Chicago-based singer in settings the directing duo charactistically hand-built, while he performs Don't Wait Up.

Bennett's performance was filmed in Chicago - remote directed by Jesse Lamar High and Nik Harper in Oklahoma and Seattle respectively - and then edited to appear on the phone throughout the video. It's the real phone that passes through each of the everyday scenarios that the pair painstakingly created in miniature using cardboard, card-stock and their trusty hot glue guns.

Furthermore each scene is a like a celebration of the world before the pandemic, as Bennett goes from recording studio to busy nightclub, strolls through a pack of paparazzi, and finally takes a trip on the crowded subway - all made from cardboard.     

"Textures were printed off and then applied to the cardboard structures to make the sets feel life-like," explain L&N. In addition to this, 1:12 scale miniatures were also sprinkled into each scene to add even more realism."

And Jesse and Nik explain further in this splendid BTS video.

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David Knight - 21st Dec 2020


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David Knight - 21st Dec 2020

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