Rob Ulitski - 11th Dec 2020

Trapped in a video game controlled by men, Beach Bunny's Lili Trifilio breaks free and shows them who really has the power, in Lua Borges' promo for Good Girls (Don't Get Used). 

Favouring a more authentic, real-world style aesthetic (as opposed to a glitchy, overly vibrant environment), the video combines desaturated pastel-hued cinematography with a kick-ass performance to deliver something strikingly refreshing. 

The contained, stark location is a perfect setting for the concept, feeling blocked-off in a world of its own, with a brand new set of rules and a sense of anarchic chaos - perfectly suited to the themes that are present throughout the video.  

PRO Credits


DirectorLua Borges
ProducerElaine Tunnat
Production CompanyEverybody's Baby
Director of PhotographyBrandon Hoeg
Focus PullerAlan Dembek
2nd ACAnn Chong
SteadicamMadelyn Momano
GafferJohn Jadkowski
Art DirectorRachel Cole
Art DirectorKaden Maloney
WardrobeNadya Laska
EditorZoe Kraft
ColouristSam Howells
ProducerMatt Gehl
Other creditsKey Grip: Jake Joiner Grip: Sydney Cairo

Rob Ulitski - 11th Dec 2020

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