Rob Ulitski - 9th Dec 2020

Will Clark marks the beginning of Neil Cowley's debut album campaign, with his innovative extended promo for Hall Of Mirrors. 

Whilst writing the album, Cowley had been hard at work with a technician engineering a way to convert the audio from a piano to a static signal on a vintage CRT screen. The end goal was to have reactive visuals fuzzing and whirling to the songs he had been writing... and that's exactly what has been achieved here. 

The 18-minute video encompasses four tracks, each of which are visualised through striking cinematography and abstract vignettes which flicker on the TVs. A growing sense of energy in the performance takes viewers on a transcendent journey, where art and reality collide to form something greater than their individual parts. 


I feel like a televisual Jackson Pollock.

"I began to play TVs for fun - creating my own visuals with the soundtrack as the master and the optical as the slave.

"It feels like my hands have doubled or trebled in their power to create. The drama of a low note is heightened in its power by the expressive blocks of monochrome that punch out of the screens at me. Hypnotic and mesmeric.

"I feel like a televisual Jackson Pollock. His spinning paint pots replaced by musical notes."


DirectorWill Clark
ProducerTristan C. Anderson
ProducerWill Clark
Production CompanyJamón
Executive ProducerJamie Chalmers
Director of PhotographySam Mulvey
Focus PullerAdam Shaikh
GafferKristof Szentgyorgyvary
WardrobeAnnie Swain
HairSharleen Oldaker
EditorOllie Ma'
LabelCraig Duranti
LabelCameron Ward
LabelAnglo Management
Other creditsCamera Operators: Alex Rawson & Jack Thompson-Roylance & Louis Foster Spark: Sam Hussein Runners: Fraser Latimer & Hanne Evhammar Special Thanks: East End Studios & TV Film Props

Rob Ulitski - 9th Dec 2020

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